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When should a gallbladder surgery?

October 28, 2015

Experience and lengthy findings result in the following recommendations:

symptomatic cholelithiasis: they are good erinnerliche pain attacks greater than fifteen minutes in the center of the abdomen or right upper abdomen, frequently radiating towards the back or even the shoulder with queasiness, sonographic findings stone => Op

calcified gallbladder (so-known as. porcelain gallbladder) => Op

gall bladder pain polyps over 1 centimetres in dimensions or fast growing => Op

large gallstone (elevated chance of cancer) => Op

Bloatedness and heartburn with gallstones => no Op

"quiet" gallstones (incidental finding, no complaints) => no Op

For 1: fair by "nutritional mistakes" triggered, a minimum of 50% suffer soon a next attack. If you've been this popular test foods: have roast goose, potato snacks, eggnog, Black Forest gateau, regardless of with what order, untouched, you don't fit in with this group. At 2-4: diagnosis and monitoring by ultrasound (sonography), also in a nutshell distances! At 5: individuals complaints are possibly not triggered by gallstones, frequently despite a gallbladder removal to six: Congratulations, you've learned do not know your gallstone pain relief yes! Hopefully "change" not really you inside a different group. But statistically remain about 70% of quiet gemstones also within the next twenty five years "dumb".

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